Meet the Designers

Finn Kaerulff

Nadine Trae

“When the sun drops in the sky, it forms a subdued pleasant light around us;

Evening light in which we naturally let ourselves relax.


Evening light is not inadequate, but an important part of the daily cycle.

I therefore do not wish to create a substitute for the sun's light.

I want to bring the twilight feeling into the home.

Warm light mixed with geometric order.


I believe lamps being a key instrument to create the atmosphere in your home.


The warm scents of wood.

Sore muscles after a long day.

A glass of wine to the sound of Eric Satie's Trois Gymnopedies.

The quiet, beautiful light emerging from the wood.

Quiet impression for a sensitive period.

This is the soul of this lamp.


I present to you: Silenzio from the ICONI wood series” 


“Ice and sunrays make up the components of my light design. The lights are inspired by the sunrays shining through the clouds. The shape of Diamond and Zaphir are created with inspiration from ice- bergs.


I lived in Greenland as young, and the extreme, spectacular, dynamic nature and warm people are imprinted in my mind – the Ice light collection is the result of all those inputs.


All the lamp creations are designed in the geometrical shape; the triangle. This beautiful figure is ideal for reflecting and spreading the light and to construct different lamps and dif- ferent needs in a homogeny light collection.


All the lamps are also available with LED – good for your wallet and for natur.”